Private Chef services and made-to-order personal-sized sweet and savory hand pies using fresh, local ingredients.

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What is an artisanal hand pie? It’s a little gourmet meal that delights the taste buds yet still feels like home, all packed into a deliciously flaky crust about the size of a big cupcake. It can be savory. It can be sweet. It can be a little bit of both. But it will always be exquisitely crafted comfort food that fits perfectly in your hand.

“The world is in your hand pie.”
Long-time foodie and gourmet home cook Lisa Atkinson created Paradise Hand Pies, LLC (…and Catering) to bring the art of the savory and sweet hand pie to Hawai’i.

She started cooking when she was eight years old. It wasn’t until after she lived in France for a year that she began to educate and expand her palate and learn to appreciate local food culture, including her own Native culture.

She’s traveled to the far corners of the world searching for the perfect hand pie ingredients. She’s cooked elk, duck, and buffalo from Oregon; sampled numerous varieties of pork in Sardinia; tasted red deer with gravy, and whitebait sandwiches in New Zealand; shared community favorites of musk ox, moose, Eider duck, halibut, and crab in remote villages in Alaska; and explored local meat delicacies in Ireland and Scotland (Scotch egg, anyone?).

Transplanted from the rainy Pacific Northwest to sunny Hawai’i Island, she’s decided that there is no time like the present to embark on a new adventure to blend her passion for food with her love of sharing that food with her new community. Blending Island favorites with a global perspective, the results are delicious. While the name implied just hand pies, Lisa’s culinary talents expand far beyond these two-crust delights.