Moon Kine Tingz  pulls on our connection to our akua and ʻāina, serving tribute to  Hina, goddess of creation, feminine energy, growth, and lunar events. In traditional times, our kūpuna turned to her for answers. She dictated the days to plant, fish, meet, rest, and conduct business. She answered all questions twisting about in our personal kanaloa. She was the all seeing eye. Moon Kine Tingz encourages us to turn back to ʻike kuʻuna and traditional knowledge and practices for the questions we have today. Because we believe that our pilina with our ʻāina is a reciprocal one, a percentage of profits from certain designs will be put towards research or existing hui that mālama that specific issue. 

We aim to sell our products to the contemporary Hawaiian. From the Hawaiians that live homestead to the ones away in America, from those who speak fluently to those who use pidgin as a main form of communication, from those employed by our ʻāina to those who aloha ʻāina on their free time… We create products that spark conversations, show your love for your kūpuna and kingdom, and make you feel GOOD about the culturally accurate message youʻre sending. From moʻo to kūpuna, we create products to enhance your Hawaiian lifestyle.