From the Author:

When Britti complained that she couldn’t find many children’s books starring school buses (her son’s favorite), I jokingly suggested, “Let’s write one.” The rest is history.

The Japanese have a saying, “Okagesama de,” which roughly translates to, “I am who I am because of you.” To my family and friends, “Okagesama de.” And to Logi and Mav, I am Tootie because of you.

– Susan Maeda-Kimura



From the Illustrator:

Creating joy through design has always been a passion. As Maverick came along, joy and passion took on a whole new meaning. When Tootie suggested creating a bus book for Mavi, I could immediately imagine the excitement he would get, from reading a book about his favorite thing…a bus!

To my Mavikins, you continue to inspire and amaze me everyday. You will always be my Bubsie. To all keiki in the world, I hope you find happiness on our happy school bus!

– Brittini Kuwahara