Our first Hawai’i Island LGBTQ pride was celebrated in 2013. Hawai’i Island LGBTQ Pride is an annual gathering of the beautiful, diverse community we have on the big island. It’s a time to celebrate together in the context of times that is still challenging for the LGBTQ people here and around the world.

Our main focus every year for the Pride Parade and Festival is to bring members of the LGBTQ community and our supporters on Hawai’i Island together in a fun, casual setting. We hope that by gathering together we can affirm our fundamental rights and our rightful place in a free society. We also hope everyone can experience the creativity, love and power of our unique ohana here on Hawai’i Island.

The Hawai’i Island LGBTQ Pride Committee works together with many community partners to create events year round for LGBTQ community and our ohana of supporters. We also always work in ways to improve our annual event including increased outreach to LGBTQ youth, increased involvement by the native Hawaiian community and facilitation of great participation by the West Hawai’i community.

We look forward to you joining us to support our annual Hawai’i Island LGBTQ Pride Parade and Festival as well our other events throughout the year.