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How it all started.

Austrian-born vegan food enthusiast and visionary sound creator Markus started experimenting with macadamia nuts back in 2015 after moving to Hawai’i. He worked on healthy, nutritious and satisfying recipes for plant-based cream cheeses made from organic locally-grown ingredients. Due to being busy with his music career, he didn’t even think of starting a business and it took another two years before his loving partner Laura made this logical next step possible. The two love getting creative in the kitchen and designed an entire line of dairy alternatives.

Laura and Markus founded the Big Island Creamery in 2018 and co-created a wide selection of sustainable creamy delights. The Island of Hawai’i offers such an abundance of delicious ingredients! The two couldn’t wait to team up with local food growers and vendors and soon started selling at farmers markets, followed by restaurants and grocery stores.

“We worked our way into the local food industry by offering healthy plant-based alternatives to dairy products and coined the term island-friendly.”

All our products are made 100% from locally-grown organic ingredients.