Everything Your Skin Needs, Nothing It Doesn’t

‘Alohi Maui is high performance organic skin & body care distilled to its essential elements – no fillers, no fluff.

Handcrafted on Maui using exquisite local organic and wild-crafted ingredients like pure rainwater collected on the North Shore; we make our own botanic extracts from energy-rich raw plants, a process that takes weeks, not days. These precious plant elixirs are then blended in small batches with meticulously sourced natural ingredients from conscious producers in the Islands and around the world.

‘Alohi Maui is effective in any environment, from beach to peak to city street. Experience outstanding results with these minimalist, multipurpose products formulated to transmit the revitalizing life-force of Hawai’i for the benefit of every body and soul.

Gender Neutral – Adapts To All Skin Types, Ages & Ethnicities – Reusable, Refillable Packaging