Our organic CBD oil (cannabinol) is sourced from sun-grown hemp on a local farm on the island of Kaua’i. This farm is an ’ohana-owned business utilizing practices such as sustainable farming, USDA certified organic hemp, and sustainable energy.

Our CBD oils are free of preservatives, flavors, and additives providing the full offering of phyto-cannabinoids the original hemp plant naturally intended.

CBD oil hemp products

We source our hemp biomass from Kaua’i Hemp Company, the first certified USDA organic hemp farm in the State of Hawai’i. Oregon Tilth, the certifying agency, requires the strictest organic certification standards in the nation. Kaua’i Hemp Company utilizes Korean Natural Farming (KNF) in order to nurture and fortify the native microorganisms in the soil so that they do not have to use any pesticides or harsh chemicals. They educate fellow farmers on the soil restoration capabilities of hemp, as hemp has the ability to remove toxins from soil, giving new life to damaged farmland.

Our CBD oil is processed locally with a compliant hemp lab, Nalu Botanicals. They continue organic standards by processing with organic cane ethanol and the most advanced processing equipment in the industry. Furthermore, they test each and every batch to ensure a top quality product. 

We infuse the cleanest, organic MCT with this locally sourced CBD oil. Like a great chef, we keep it simple with the highest quality inputs. All you have to do is let your endo-cannabinoid system absorb what it needs most; pure CBD oil.