*$2 off plate lunches during lunch or free dessert with orders over $50 and up.

Established in 1986 (actually we’re not really sure when, but that’s the year we’re going with based on certain documents). Everyone always asks, “What does 8 FAT FAT 8 Mean?” or “How did you come by the name?”

So let us tell you the full long version. Back in the ’80s, Sai and his friends decided to open up a bar. We don’t know whose idea it was to name it, but in Chinese culture, the number 8 (Baat) is a lucky number because in Chinese it rhymes with FAT (FAAT), which means “to develop” with the extended meaning of “to prosper”. The best example is when we wish friends and family “Kung hee fat choy” at Chinese New Year.

When you double something, it also doubles the meaning. We hope for double the luck and double the prosperity. (As an aside, FAT also happens to be spelled F-A-T, as in opposite of S-K-I-N-N-Y, which meant in olden days that you’re rich because you could eat well.)

Our name seems to be ingenious as it just so happens to catch your attention and leaves and impression. Now that you know, we hope we can bring you only happiness and good wishes any time and every time you come to 8 Fat Fat 8. May you leave happier, better, and luckier than when you first enter our humble doors

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